Wise Guides

The Wisemen network consists of a multitude of supportive, knowledgeable, and professional men- each with his own area of expertise. Our all for one, one for all model is part of what makes the Wisemen community so special.

Looking for Guidance?

Official “Wise Guides” are carefully selected based on their wisdom, understanding of our program, dedication, and desire to provide tremendous value to our tribe. We encourage you to connect with these awesome guys (hopefully in person at one of our events). They are at the top of their fields and ready, willing, and able to offer stellar mentorship and guidance. Whether you’re a long-standing tribesman, brand new, or have a few questions before you join us- they can help!

Dave Maloney, PhD

STRENGTHS: Biohacking | Scientific Acumen | Entrepreneurship | Stoicism | Leadership

While Dave has been physically active all his life, it was during the stressful times of pursuing his dream of starting a biotech that really sharpened his focus on the importance of integrating other aspects of health and wellness into daily life.  Since that time, he has used his scientific background and interests to explore biohacking modalities (e.g. supplementation, breathwork, cold therapy, red light therapy, biometrics) for personal improvement. He’s also taken interest in stoicism and the importance of “getting outside” and social connection in our daily happiness. 

Dennis McNamara, CFP® CHFC® AIF® CSLP®

STRENGTHS: Financial Life Coaching | Investing | Tax Planning | Entrepreneurship | Gerontology & Healthspan Optimization | Permaculture

Following the social isolation of pandemic lockdowns, Dennis reemerged for one of his first social interactions to participate in a seminar hosted by The Wisemen Project. Even as someone who has invested heavily in his own personal improvement over the previous decade, Dennis was profoundly struck by what he learned and experienced at the seminar. Feeling that more men in his life could benefit by The Wisemen Project’s teachings and community, Dennis became an early advocate and ambassador.