June 6-9, 2024 | Poconos, PA

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Transform Your Life In 3 Days

Unleash your fullest potential in just three days with our exclusive men’s retreat

Unleash Your Potential: Rapid Transformation for Men

Embark on a retreat tailored for men seeking a total mind and body reset. In just three days, our science-backed techniques empower you to overcome stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, chronic health issues, and the persistent lack of energy and fulfillment. We specialize in rapid, proven methods that unlock your full potential, setting the stage for a life revitalized.

Science-Backed Wellness Solutions

Maximize Your Success: Discover the Strength of Brotherhood

At the Wisemen, we know that the strength of community shapes your journey to success. As men, the power of those we surround ourselves with often defines our paths—from offering accountability to fostering motivation and paving the way to success. Our retreat centers on the undeniable power of community. We believe that the company we keep influences our achievements. Surround yourself with a network of like-minded individuals, each contributing to your growth, accountability, and inspiration.

Motivation Fuels Achievement

Motivation is contagious within a community of driven individuals. Together, we inspire and propel each other forward. Our retreat is a hub where shared aspirations and collective motivation become the driving force behind the realization of your fullest potential.

Success Through Community

Success is not solitary; it’s a collective achievement. The community you immerse yourself in shapes your journey. Join us on this retreat where the power of community becomes your catalyst for success.

Elevate your potential. Join a community of men dedicated to mutual growth, support, and unparalleled success.


The Barn at Boyds Mills is a 5,200-square-foot gathering and dining space near the Pocono Mountains. Just 2 hours from NYC, the retreat center provides all you need to break away and recharge in nature.

Accommodations: 21 Private cabins, a hotel-style lodge, and a farmhouse (main barn) with modern amenities and the comforts of home.

Amenities include spacious private dwellings with beautiful views, main and lower barn access, chef-cooked locally sourced organic meals, tea/coffee and snacks served daily, several spaces for downtime, reading, journaling, or exercise, a river for plunging, and hiking trails. The retreat center truly is the perfect setting to reset your mind and body!

I highly recommend the Wisemen program to anyone who is looking to improve their physical and/or mental well-being. We all have areas to improve and something to gain from a program like this. I’m already looking forward to attending the next retreat!


  • Mobility & Functional Movement
  • Daily Runs/Jog
  • Daily Hikes
  • Daily Exercise/Physical Challenges
  • Breath Work
  • Cold Plunging
  • Sauna
  • Mind Body Medicine
  • Meditative Practices
  • Educational & Inspiring Talks
  • Chill Time
  • Chef Prepared Meals
  • Nourishing Organic Foods
  • Fireside Chats
  • Nature Immersion
  • Grounding/Earthing
  • Human Connection
  • Networking Opps
  • Wisemen Welcome Package
  • FREE Access to our Tribe Community


  • Reset, Revitalize, Energize
  • Improve Overall Health
  • Strength and Power
  • Flexibility/Mobility
  • Mind Training
  • Improved Sleep
  • Stress Relief
  • Increase Vitality/Energy
  • Elevate Mood
  • Enhance Mental Clarity/Focus
  • Health Hacks
  • Regain Balance
  • Build Confidence
  • Purpose
  • Lower Inflammation
  • Improve Immune Function
  • Accountability
  • Social Community/Network
  • Fun, Laughter, Joy, and Memories

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