Dialing in the proper amount, type and frequency of rest will allow your mind and body the opportunity for deep cleaning, healing, recovery and growth.

Rest & Recharge

Since the beginning of mankind, rest has remained one of the most important and underestimated components of a truly balanced, optimized lifestyle.

Our Western culture looks down upon rest; if we’re not always doing, then we’re unproductive. Studies have shown that proper rest better regulates inflammation, calories, lowers weight gain, decreases risk of heart disease and helps prevent depression. Moreover, rest INCREASES vitality and motivates us to be joyful. Stop being a human doing and become a human being. Enjoy your downtime with the understanding that rest is actually an investment in yourself- adding both time and value to your life.

Life needs a solid foothold for organisms to grow and humans are no different. Taking time to restore and rest allows us to diffuse the pressures of life and reduce negative, emotional reactions. An ever present internal stirring borne from the turbulent waves of life, will deplete our energy and make us susceptible to exhaustion, sickness, mistakes and moodiness. Easy does it. 

“Life is a balance between rest and movement.”

– Osho

WISE TIP #4: R.E.S.T. = Restore, Energize, Sharpen, Triumph. It’s recommended to get an average of 8hrs of sleep a night. If you have trouble sleeping because of stress and a racing mind, try light stretching, a cup of decaffeinated tea (chamomile, tulsi or other), read a book, and turn off all devices a couple hours before bedtime.