Are you ready to reach your true potential and start living the life you know deep down inside you deserve? Are you ready to put yourself first for once? Work with one of our Wisemen founders or experienced Wiseguides to learn how our life-changing coaching can lead to sustainable transformation.

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Our Unique, Results-Driven Approach

Wisemen teachings are grounded in the powerful traditions of time-tested, proven ancient and functional methods- but tailored to fit the lifestyle of the modern man. Our unique combination of techniques, tools, 1-on-1 work- as well as networking and group accountability, are what sets us apart. Built upon six sacred pillars, our program creates the framework and foundation for life changing self discovery, transformation and optimization. We help you to create a paradigm shift in your life, to break through the obstacles holding you back from becoming the absolute best, happiest version of your true self.

Why Wisemen Coaching?

In today’s world of seemingly endless stress, stimulation, noise, disease, disconnection and distraction- Wisemen fills the void and serves as a powerful antidote to the modern obstacles holding us back from realizing our best, most happy selves. Using centuries old wisdom, cutting edge scientific research, and an accountability network that’s second to none- we will help you realize your life’s intent and true potential.

Our default as human beings is to be healthy and happy. If we follow the principles of natural law- eat healthy, move, manage stress, and choose our social networks wisely, we can maintain true health.

Ready to Wise Up?

“Tomorrow you will wish you had started today.” What’s holding you back? What’s more important than your own happiness and success? If you are ready to begin acquiring the tools and techniques to change your life today, please click the link below so a member of our team can help you begin your journey.


-Become the Greatest Version of Yourself
-Fulfill Your Potential
-Cultivate Peace of Mind and Spirit
-Feel Strong, Healthy and Powerful
-Achieve the Body of Your Dreams
-Create and Grow Meaningful Relationships
-Find and Live your Passion
-Learn to be Financially Abundant

Please Don’t Waste Our Time, Because We’d Never Waste Yours

We are dedicated to helping men achieve the highest and best versions of themselves. This requires a 100% commitment to substantial, lasting change. This is not easy, nor is it for everyone- but it’s always worth it.

Please DO sign up for a Wisemen coaching program, retreat or training offering if you:

  • Are truly ready to make substantial shifts to live a happier, healthier life.
  • Feel sick and tired of feeling sick and tired
  • Realize that there is more to true fulfillment than collecting the most “stuff”
  • Are willing to put in the hard but rewarding work of changing your mindset, habits, relationships and life experience

Please DO NOT sign up for a Wisemen coaching program, retreat or training offering if you:

  • Are not serious about making life-changing improvements
  • Want a quick-fix without digging deep and doing the work
  • Have given up and don’t believe your life can be absolutely amazing
  • Cannot keep an open mind and trust the process
  • Plan to compare your own journey to the highlight reel of others

1:1 Coaching

The difference that only a custom, private, one-on-one coaching experience can make.


  • To create and fulfill your life’s mission and purpose
  • To create and grow healthy relationships
  • To become your most authentic self
  • To create a healthier lifestyle
  • To step into your innate, infinite power
  • To create a meaningful career or endeavor
  • Bask in the glow of true, lasting peace and happiness


Weekly video/phone sessions

Weekly action plans

Weekly accountability check-ins

Monthly reviews, health checks, and implementation of health tools and practices

Free access to our Wisemen Tribe Community and networking opportunities

Our Coaches

Book your 1:1 coaching call now with one of our Wisemen founders or Wise Guides. We offer 50 min and 30 min video/coaching sessions to discuss of the topic of your choice.


Body Mechanics


MindBody Medicine
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