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Release Stress & Tension – Hip Stretch


Did you know that we store emotions in our body? When these emotions build up it causes tension and rigidity. Deep stretching is a great way to release these trapped emotions. This flow routine is great for opening up the hips, quads, glutes, core and more.

Hold each position for 10-15 seconds as you breath into the stretch. Repeat on both sides.  1. High lunge with back heel up  2. Drop the back knee with front knee at a 90-degree angle, drive your hip forward  3. Slightly lean back to deepen and expand stretch  4. Repeat 2-3 times on each side and try to increase the stretch⠀

Simple Counting Meditation


Counting Breath Meditation strengthens the mind. It helps build mental resilience by not attaching to our thoughts and changing how we react to them. As you practice this simple meditation method, it will become easier to reach 10 and even go backward to 1 again.

Qigong for Stress & Anxiety


Eliminate Stress and Anxiety with this Breathing Technique from the Chinese Qigong Ba Duan Jin (“8 Pieces of Brocade” or “8 Levels of Silk”). Palms Raised to Heaven (Two Hands Hold Up the Heavens) is primarily associated with the endocrine system and also benefits anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, and chronic fatigue. Repeat this breathing exercise 5-10 times or as needed.

Breathing Exercise for Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia


a Yogic breathwork exercise for stress, anxiety and insomnia. This breathing technique will also help slow running or racing thoughts and improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Two inhales followed by long exhale. Repeat this exercise 10 times or as needed

Quick Mind Reset | Sun Breaths


Sun Breath Movement: For a quick reset of the mind and body, try five rounds of Sun Breaths, which is a shorter version of Yoga’s sun salutations. Whether you use upon rising in the morning to set the compass for the day or a short respite in the middle of work, this simple exercise will keep your body balanced and mind on track.

Do This To Increase Energy | Body Tapping


This exercise is a QiGong/Ki Gong body tapping technique to generate energy flow while still calming the nervous system. This exercise increases blood flow and decreases elevated cortisol (our stress hormone). While tapping on these meridians (acupressure points) we can eliminate fear, stress, anxiety and tension. Additionally, the kidney and the heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is associated with fear and anxiety.

Flow Training Warm Up | Qigong


Warm-up Flow Drills and Qi Gong Exercises for your morning routine or pre-workout prep. These exercises can eliminate stress, tension and fear in your body. Add these to your morning routine and you will start to feel more calm, alert, relaxed and full of energy and focused. Complete 10-20 reps of each exercise