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We hunted and vetted the best brands so you don’t have to. We believe these brands will help you optimize your life by increasing your mental, physical and spiritual health



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Being barefoot connects us more to our primal nature. VIVOBAREFOOT is sustainable and regenerative barefoot footwear that brings us closer to nature.

Vivobarefoot is a leading barefoot brand for active lifestylists and nature lovers alike. Their premium designed shoes help rewild humans, improve proper biomechanics and function.


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Bone in Food is a local and sustainable food purveyor that delivers farm to door. All foods are local, sustainable, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and true organic – sourced in NJ.

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A curated collection of products, backed by decades of research, that purify water through reverse osmosis, energetically mineralize with marine plasma, provide profound multi-system benefits with molecular hydrogen and much more.

Our water is one of the most crucial elements for health. Optimizing the composition of our water impacts us at the cellular level.


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HigherDOSE is a new kind of spa that uses the power of light therapy to improve your health and mood. DOSE: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.Choose from sauna blankets and masks-to PEMF mats.


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One of the leading supplement lines in biohacking and human optimization. From fat loss and muscle building to gut health and digestion. Not to mention the ever famous Magnesium Breakthrough. Bioptimizers has a bunch of stacks to enhance your health and performance


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The first and only independently tested low EMF & low ELF Infrared Sauna’s. Clearlight’s 7th generation infrared heaters are truly superior, clinically tested and solely heat your core for the most intense form of infrared therapy.


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The #1 Grounding and Earthing Therapy products created by Clint Ober.

Earthing, also known as grounding, is based on research that shows that we can improve physical wellness by connecting to Earth’s electrical energy. The act of Earthing refers to a physical connection between the electrical frequencies of the human body with that of Earth’s.

Think barefoot in the grass, or at the beach. Just like the sun constantly provides us with energy and vitamins, the earth is a source of subtle energy that contributes to optimum health.


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US Wellness Meats was founded by visionary farmers tired of improper cattle practices. Leveraging rotational grazing practices that are good for the planet and cattle, they have improved the nation with grass fed beef, and sustainably raised foods.

It turns out that what’s good for animals and the planet is also good for you. Our meat is tender and tasty, but it doesn’t have all the excess fat of animals fed with grain in confinement. It’s full of nutrients that can only come from a fully grass-fed diet—omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin E, and CLA—and free of all the pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics that are found in grain-fed beef. With so much to love , our loyal customers include everyone from professional chefs and pro athletes to home cooks, those on special diets, and parents and kids.


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Focused on mushrooms and adaptogen elixirs, Four Sigmatic can help support productivity, stress relief, brain health, immune system support and more!

At Four Sigmatic, only the world’s best ingredients are used to craft delicious mushroom elixirs. Pre-measured into single servings, you simply mix them into your smoothie, or a cup of hot water for an instant coffee, tea, or hot chocolate fortified with the power of functional mushrooms.

All products at Four Sigmatic are USDA organic and third-party lab tested for purity.


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Blue Light Blocking Glasses help preserve your body’s circadian rhythm and protect melatonin production so you can sleep well. Cells have a chance to rest and repair each and every night, helping you maintain a peak performance state. Better Sleep. Higher Productivity.

A tribute to the sun; a nod to the ancient wisdom that is the foundation for all modern knowledge, a mission firmly rooted in advanced modern science in everything that we do, and bringing the two together in ways that have never been done before.


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The most advanced green phototherapy lamp in the world, the MyGreen Box Lantern is the only green lamp powerful enough to penetrate closed eyes. With two wavelengths of narrowband LED green light, users adjust intensities to find maximum comfort during migraine headache or to simulate soothing forest light.

Bathing in green forest light improves mood, relieves pain, & promotes overall well-being. By using green light you may reduce depression, pain, inflammation.


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The most powerful red/nir light therapy.

PlatinumLED is a pioneer in red light therapy. Creating the most advanced and powerful LED therapy light ever designed- clinical grade and FDA-approved class II device.

Their patent-pending R+|NIR+ spectrum achieves a perfected blend of 5 different wavelengths of light that offers therapeutic benefits including recovery, skin health, mood function, cellular and circulatory health, reduced inflammation/pain, and even hair growth.