Our Story

Wisemen was created as a way to pass on ancient and proven techniques that have stood the test of time and serve as a powerful antidote in a modern world of seemingly endless noise, stress, disease and disconnection.

Three Paths Converge

Wisemen is a tale of three like-minded men on their own unique journeys manifesting in a converging path. Together, they vowed to combine the wisdom and tools they had acquired along the way and share them with their fellow man.

Wisemen was started by three guys with completely different backgrounds and experiences having a conversation about life; what lessons have been learned, what has really worked and how can we help others overcome similar challenge. As that conversation evolved, we discovered that despite our varying experiences, the successful tools implemented for personal growth were largely the same…and the light bulb went on! Our partnership ultimately unveiled the idea of helping others, mainly fellow men, who grapple with the stress of work, parenting, marital responsibilities, dating, exercising, eating, drinking, drugging, ad nauseam.

Our program is an elixir-created by three individual paths that draw from centuries old wisdom, cutting edge scientific research, and a little bit common sense. Our goal is not to acutely disrupt your life, but to offer tools that are manageable, integratable and profound enough to create a positive shift. Maybe we’re a wellness group. Maybe we’re consultants. Maybe we’re life coaches. Maybe we’re just here to help and impart to you the secrets of our own happiness and health. Do you have it in you to accept this help and join the brotherhood of Wisemen?

Why Now?

Now more than ever, technology and access to information has distracted humanity from the importance of developing a soul connection. Our program is designed to help you create a healthy relationship with the “outside” world and carve out time for soul development. Invariably, trying to stuff twenty pounds into a ten pound bag will break us down. The rolling to do list is never completed and taking care of ourselves never makes it on the radar. Inevitably, feeding your soul will need to be addressed. Anything that is suppressed for too long will ultimately rear its ugly head. Let’s get proactive and back to the science of happiness and the soul purpose of your one precious life.

Sobering Stats

Don’t become a statistic. You are in control of your destiny. Do something about it, do it today.

Disease & Illness that are Stress Related
Americans with Mental Disorders
Americans Who Are Overweight
Processed Foods in the U.S. Diet
Americans Fail To Exercise 30 Minutes A Day
Of People Die of Inflammatory Diseases
Of Suicides Are Men

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